News (September 6, 2021): has returned to its original name

Over a decade after the original domain name for this site was inadvertently allowed to expire and was then bought up by people who apparently hoped to resell it to me at a profit (see below), those people finally got tired of waiting, and also allowed it to expire. So I bought it again, and the site therefore now carries two names. Maybe someday I'll find time to go through all the pages and revert all instances of to, but that day is not today.

News (September 14, 2008): is now

To those loyal users who've looked for this site in the past few months and wondered why they couldn't find it, I have an admission: I screwed up. I'm an amateur webmaster with a totally unrelated day job and many other things to worry about, so when the domain registration for expired due to a misunderstanding, I didn't immediately notice, and after noticing, I thought it would be fine if I got around to fixing it in a week or two. Unfortunately, due to many other concerns taking precedence, a week or two became several months and in that time someone else bought the domain name, hoping to resell it.

(Forgive me if I go off on a rant for a moment, but buying domain names you don't need just because you think other people might and you could therefore make money off them... is a stupid business model. To the new owners of the domain you can have it if you like, I refuse to play the game. I have a new domain name now, and I don't need yours. Go do something useful and productive for a change.)

As of today, the site is being relaunched at, and to all long time readers and fans of this website: I apologize for the snafu. I've learned a lesson, and you can rest assured that will not be mysteriously disappearing anytime soon. I also still have a collection of suggested edits and additions that many of you have sent in, and intend to follow through with a long awaited site update in the near future. Thanks to all who have sent comments and suggestions in the mean time, especially those who lamented the disappearance of the site -- I'm glad to know that it was missed.

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