Central European List of Names

Every name on this list appears also on The Big List, but possibly with one or more diacritics missing. Essentially, the existence of this page was made necessary by the anglocentrism of the software industry: web technology has not yet progressed to the point where I can reliably display both a tilde and a haŔek on the same page.

These spellings will not display correctly unless your computer has the required Central European fonts! If you're not sure, have a look at the fonts page.



Antonín Dvo°ákdvor-zhahk [audio sample]
Rudolf Firku╣nyfeer-koosh-nee [audio sample]
Edita Gruberováeh-dee-tah groo-behr-oh-vah [audio sample]
Leo╣ JanáŔeklay-ohsh yahn-ah-chek [audio sample]
Ernst K°enekkrzhen-ek [audio sample] (or kzhen-ek)
Rafael Kubelikkoo-be-lik [audio sample]
Bohuslav Martin¨boh-hoo-slahv mar-ti-noo [audio sample]
Ivan Moravecee-vahn mor-a-vets [audio sample]
Josef PáleníŔekyoh-sef pah-leh-ni-chek [audio sample]
Ivan Pa°ík ee-vahn par-zheek [audio sample]
Václav SmetáŔek vahts-lahf smeh-ta-chek [audio sample]
Bed°ich Smetanabed-rzheekh (or bed-zheekh) smeh-ta-na [audio sample]
Karl Stamic (or Stamitz)stah-mits [audio sample]
Josef Sukyoh-seff sook [audio sample] (rhymes with "book")
Václav Talichvahts-lahf tah-likh [audio sample]
Ji°í Válekyeer-zhee vah-lek [audio sample]
Jan K°titel Vanhalyahn kerzh-tee-tl vahn-hahl [audio sample]
Jan Václav Hugo Vo°í╣ekyahn vahts-lahf hoo-goh vor-zhi-shek [audio sample]


Taras Bulbatah-rahs bool-bah [audio sample]
Jenufayeh-noo-fah [audio sample]
Vltavavuhl-tah-vah [audio sample]
Mladymlah-dih [audio sample]


Henryk Góreckihen-rik goo-rets-kee [audio sample]
Mieczys│aw Horszowskimyeh-chih-swahff hor-shoff-skee [audio sample]
Wanda Landowskavahn-da lahn-doff-ska [audio sample]
Witold Lutos│awskivee-tolt loo-to-swahf-skee [audio sample]
Krzysztof Pendereckikzhish-toff pen-der-ets-kee [audio sample]
Artur Rodzinskiar-toor ro-jin-skee [audio sample]
Henryk Szeringhen-rihk shehr-ring [audio sample]
Karol Szymanowskishih-ma-noff-skee [audio sample]

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